Porto Kea Suites Hotel Luxury accommodation in Korissia


At the Porto Kea Suites Hotel we always have new activities to suggest so as to spend a pleasant and fully creative vacation, bringing you close to Greek tradition and the wonderful natural environment of Kea.

Scuba Diving Courses

Kea is a unique destination for diving enthusiasts. All sea exploration lovers are invited to Ammos Café ~ Beach Bar & Restaurant on Korissia beach so we may organize diving courses.

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Cooking Classes

Guests can join our Greek cooking classes with the renowned cookbook author Aglaia Kremezi.
There are six-day programs offered in the spring and fall, and shorter, custom made programs all year-round. 

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Water Activities

If you love water sports you may enjoy water skiing, surfing and take joy in engaging in other water games at Koundourou beach.

Experience the archaeological site of Karthaia

Visit the archaeological site of Karthaia on a boat. Explore the ancient church, and the dreamy Karthea beach, which remains unspoiled for 3000 years and is being protected from human activities. For more information about boat rentals, please contact our front desk.

Hikes and old stone-paved paths in Kea

There is a path network of ancient trails still there till nowadays. The total length of the trails is about 35 km, and over 60% includes stone-paved paths. These renowned old paths of Kea (Tzia) are ideal for hiking and relaxation in nature.

Hikers are guided by wooden destination markers throughout the paths.

The routes of the old paths are as follows:

  • From Havouna to Karthaia: Havouna - Agios Taxiarhis - Pigadaki -  Kaliskia - Kathaia - 1.7 km long path.
  • From Ioulis to Otzias: Ioulis - Leon - Dosonari - Diaselli - Orzias - 5.1 km long path.
  • From Ioulis to Korrissia: Ioulis - Ag. Konstantinos - Mylopotamos - Flaea - Korrissia - 3.1 km long path.
  • From Episkopi Monastery to Sycamia: Episkopi Monastery - Sotiras - Parameria - Tria Maderika - Sycamia - 4.4 km long path.
  • From Katomeria to Vathypotamos Spring: Katomeria - Kalodouka Spring - Vathypotamos Spring - 3 km long path.
  • From Hellenica to Agios Filippos: Hellenica or Agios Symeon - Vrysses - Agios Philippos - 4.3 km long path.