Porto Kea Suites Hotel Luxury accommodation in Korissia


Enjoy your holidays Porto Kea Suites, an exquisite sample of Cycladic architecture hotels in Kea (Tzia) Cyclades Greece.

Porto Kea Suites Hotel in Kea (Tzia) is a cluster of individual buildings harmoniously blending with the local environment. The use of stone in the architecture of indoor and outdoor spaces of the Porto Kea Suites Hotel has been inspired by the rough rocky terrain, a striking feature of the Cyclades islands. And when hard stone is paired with the warmness of the wood, the clean whitewashed walls and the bright colours of local slate stone, the result can only be a wonderfully cosy atmosphere perfect for you to relax and unwind.

The indoor spaces of the hotel are very well appointed with pieces of furniture in the tones of white and other bright colours reflecting contemporary charm. The stone walls forming playful niches, the marble details of the decoration and the wooden ceilings all add to the austere straight lines of the Cycladic architecture. The comfortable and spacious areas naturally ventilated by traditionally built openings provide magnificent views and ensure a serene spot offering you peace and tranquillity.