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Less than two hours away from Athens airport, Kea resists the pressures of time and, unlike other Aegean islands, maintains the traditional ways of the past

It is the northernmost island of the Cyclades, thirteen miles southeast off the tip of Attica, the region around Athens. Approximately fifty square miles in area, Kea’s mountainous terrain is surrounded by many quiet alcoves and sandy beaches. With a long history, and despite its proximity to Greece’s capital, the island has remained quite unchanged.

It has great beaches with crystal clear waters, a rare oak forest in the slopes of the central mountain ridge, and a mysterious smiling lion carved around 600 BC onto a gray rock outside the island’s main town.

The remains of ancient classical cities and prehistoric Neolithic settlements, standing in areas of unspoiled natural beauty, are witnesses to Kea’s rich archaeological past.

An extensive network of ancient trails and old stone paved mule roads, mostly well maintained, is ideal for hiking and discovering the island’s rich Mediterranean natural heritage.

Kea’s proximity to Athens and several other Cycladic islands, as well as its naturally sheltered bays, makes it an ideal sailing port for those keen on sea explorations.

Recently, Kea has become a favourite weekend and summer resort for many Athenians, who respect the island and treasure its authentic Mediterranean landscape and way of life. We suggest getting hold of a Map of Kea and set off for your explorations around the island.

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